Thursday, August 6, 2015

iBOT’s Digital Marketing training program – At a Glance

Digital marketing as we know is a new trend now-a-days that make full use of web or internet and technology for the purpose of advertising or promoting a brand, product or services via internet (online). The key objective of digital marketing is to promote products, brand, build preference and increase the traffic on websites. The term “digital marketing” is also referred to as internet marketing or web marketing or online marketing. Internet and its related services have become so popular among common people that digital marketing has nowadays become one of the most preferred marketing strategies in business.

IBOT Solutions in Kerala’s is one of the best ever digital marketing training providing institute. For the same reason iBOT Solutions has played a major role in familiarizing Keralites about various digital marketing concepts. We offer a wide spectrum of digital marketing services like SEO, SMO, SEM PPC, Google Analytics, Social media promotion, online branding and a lot more.We offer digital marketing training as a full package that includes all the above-mentioned marketing strategies and at the same time are ready to provide separate (individual) or group training programs on individual basis.
Digital Marketing
Depending upon the individual’s knowledge and skill in the field of digital marketing, we are ready to offer basic and advanced courses. At iBOT it also provides pay per click campaigns, the PPC is basically a short term for Pay Per Click its an online tactic that can be adopted which can help you to improve your website traffic and online reputation. You have to only pay if your customers actually visit your web site. Pay Per Click Ad campaign is an excellent way to start with, delivering nearly immediate results.

In iBOT Solutions, we have a well known SEO & PPC Specialist and Consultant, an excellent Digital Marketer trainer Mr.Jitto Jose – He is having more than a decade of experience in Digital Marketing field, Google Adwords Certified Professional, and Speaker & Active Participant in SEO Seminars and he has trained more than 100 students in digital marketing.
For more information on iBOT’s training program, visit the official website of IBOT.


  1. Good job!
    nice to know information on seoseo training and digital marketing training good that its in kerala itself

  2. IDMI is providing workshops on Digital Marketing, SEO and Social Media especially at Engineering and Management Colleges of Hyderabad, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, India.
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