Thursday, December 3, 2015

Why we need to do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for a website?

Whenever a new website for any products or brands is created the overall design and look of the website are the most important factors. To draw potential clients or customers, a professional looking website design plays the key role. It only takes a few seconds or minutes for someone who is visiting the website for the first time to decide whether to stay on the website or not. But now-a-days the new businesses create their websites by giving a search engine friendly design. Which means the website loading time is faster and makes it easier for search engine to crawl through the website and find out the relevant keywords.

Having quality content on the website and optimizing it with relevant keywords can make your visitors to stay. The quality of the content should be good enough, then only the visitors will stay for a longtime.Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is as important as a great design is to a website. The first thing to do is with the help of a professional web hosting company, makes sure the website loading speed is good enough. Then do the SEO of the website completely then and then only the website will become visible online in the top positions of the search engine result page.
SEO services

Make sure your website design is responsive and are friendly too with smart phones, tablets and other devices. Making a user-friendly website with proper navigation is an important factor for good search rankings. The size of the images on the website is also a very important factor. Having images of large file size and having too many links can affect the rankings of your website.

If you have got a website and you want to implement a new design for your website, then it is recommended to check the impact of the new design on your website. Check whether there is a drop in keyword positions in search results. Almost 80% traffic comes through search engines, so search engine optimization compatible websites have a better chance to be on top of the search results. When the design helps in grabbing the attention of visitors, SEO can help you get the right audience and good traffic. So a professional web design and SEO service providers knows how to create a SEO compatible website and rank high on search engines.IBOT Solutions company offers you with SEO services for your website for more details visit the official website here –